Right now, I am completely shocked. There are no words to explain how happy and proud I am for musiic-is-lifee. I don’t even think anyone knows how proud and excited I am for him, he has grown so much since he started posting vines. It’s amazing. It’s an honor to have the privilege to see him grow and achieve so many different things over the years such as, meeting your idol, sighing to a record label, releasing a new SINGLE, and other unbelievable things. I really hope that I can meet you someday because, I’d really love to hear your voice in person. Through out the years, It has been a very fun ride and It was the best. It really brings tears to my eyes when I have to face that you are now coming out of your cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly. It was an honor to watch you grow because, I’ve learned so much from you as a individual.

Basically this is a big congratulation to you, I’m proud of you Shawn.